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MS40 Air Driven Rug Carver with reciprocating carver blades
Carpet Carving Machine MS40
Custom rugs and carpets can be greatly enhanced by carpet carving or sculpturing with the Hofmann MS40 air driven carpet carving machine. Plain carpets can be given that three dimensional aspect to create a rich and interesting design. When custom carpets are made with a combination of colour and carpet carving the design possibilities are greatly extended. Whilst the combination of hand tufting and carpet carving provide endless possibilities for custom rugs, any tufted carpet can be sculpted. The Hofmann MS40 Carpet Carver is driven with compressed air, which assists in keeping the unit cool. The carver blades reciprocate when the eccentric drive causes sideways movement of the top carver blade. The standard carver blade width is 40mm but there are also 8mm,11mm and 18mm blades in addition to a "V" shaped blade for cutting "V" shaped grooves in a single pass. The range of blades opens up the possibilities for creating special custom rugs. In time and with extended use the blades will need sharpening, a service that is offered by Hofmann. Carving or sculpting can be done free hand or with the carver mounted in a base plate where the angle and depth of the carver can be set and locked.
Blade width   40 mm MS40 with Base
special blade   10 + 12 + 18 mm
vacuum   connection prepared
air consumption   6 bar, 300 l / min
weight   700 g
needed extra   Vacuum unit SSI
Carver Blade width   40 mm Air Driven Rug Carver MS 40 with reciprocating carver blades and Baseplate and vacuum attachment
special carver blade   10 + 12 + 18 mm
vacuum   connection prepared
air consumption   6 bar, 300 l / min
weigth   700 g
Additional equipment required.   Vacuum unit SSI
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