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Our small and compact electric hand carpet shearing machines are suitable for shearing all kinds of carpets. These machines are also being used with great success for textile floor coverings (i.e. the elimination of fluff and irregularities, more even pile for the improvement of carpet patterns).
Carpet-shearing machine TS 120 U
For operation limited in time we would recommend the very light model TS 120 U with a powerful commutator motor for shearing deep with a lot of pile removal. Shearing width 120 mm.
TS 120U Carpet Shearer

Carpet-shearing machine TS 120 W
For continuous operations we recommend the smooth running model TS 120 W with single phase a.c. motor. Shearing width 120 mm.

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TS 120W Carpet Shearer with Single Phase A.C. Motor

Mobile Carpet-shearing machine MTS 300
For very large-sized carpets with a tight floor (i.e. hand-tufted carpets and Berber carpets) we recommend our Mobile Carpet Shearing Machine MTS 300. Shearing width 300 mm.

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MTS 300 Mobile Carpet Shearer

Mobile Carpet-shearing machine MTS 300 with AGN-0 extraction

As the MTS 300 with the addition of the AGN-0 dust extraction machine mounted on top with dust bag attached.

MTS 300 Shearing Machine with AGN-0 Vacuum
Stationary Carpet-shearing machine TS 300 T modular
The modular built stationary carpet shearing machine TS 300 T is for the efficient shearing of a large-scale production. Shearing width 300 mm, working width 2.0 m to 4.4 m.
Carpet Shearing Machine TS 300 T
Edge bevelling machine for carpet samples KS 50
In order to shear pattern edges the Edge Bevelling Machine KS 50 is at your disposal. Shearing width: 50 mm. Variable speed belt and shearing unit with single phase motor and frequency changer. Dimensions 500 x 630 x 370 mm at approximately 39 kg.

Edge Beveller KS 50

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Edge bevelling machine for carpet samples KS50/SO
With this machine carpet samples can be sheared on two sides at the same time in one working process. Combining machines can automate the bevelling of carpets tiles and carpet samples on all four sides
Edge Bevelling Machine KS50
Shearing unit SE 50 L and SE 50 R
The shearing unit with drive motor can be individually integrated in your system. We offer a left shearing unit as well as a rightshearing one. Shearing width: 50 mm. For bevelling on carpet tiles or carpet samples.
Edge Shearing Unit SE 50 L/R

SE 50 Edge Bevelling and Control

Edge Bevelling Machine

Edge Bevelling for carpet tiles

Edge Bevelling of two sides